We offer three methods of connection with our UFO’s Access Points.

KernWi-Fi: -This is computer generated when you register.

(WPA2 Enterprise)

This is the highest encrypted connection method and requires a username, password and

Accepting our secure certificate. Originally designed to use for the banking, finance and legal

Industry clients, we are offering this as a standard feature. This is computer generated when you register.

Connection: Mobile Phones, Tablets, Notebooks, Laptops

This should be your first choice.

KernHotSpot Secure: - Password chosen by client

(WPA2 Personal)

High Encryption and a standard connection method, uses a single password.

General connection and should be used for Smart TV’s, Gaming Consoles and Wi-Fi Media Devices.


A 30 min / 100Mb per 24hrs Free connection option that you can offer your

Guests / Friends that just want to use the internet to check things, without giving


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